Gallito 2.0

Gallito 2.0 is a LSA based tool. The main purpose of Gallito 2.0 is to process language corpora and transform them into a semantic space representation. Then, a semantic space can be saved in the hard disc and reloaded when necessary with no need to creating it again. You can generate semantic spaces under various parameters and you can extract directly many information about texts: the vector norms and the entropy for every term, the lists of semantic neighbors of a term, the Similarities between terms, the similarity between existing documents, and the similarity between documents that do not exist in space (pseudodocuments), coherence inside a text, Construction-Integration representation, ... [more details here]

GALLITO_API (the Gallito´s API)

The functionalities of Gallito on a cloud API. It also allows you to install the API in your server in a stand alone manner. The semantic spaces from Gallito can be used in a production enviroment. The API recieves requests from the internet (or from one of your application) and solve multiple problems as categorization, clasification, indexing, academic text evaluation, grading, etc. It uses SOAP as protocol. No cost License with the Gallito license. [read more]