Wellcome to our group.

The Group of Interest in the Latent Semantics Analysis(LSA/LSI/) is created in order to be a point of contact for the study and spreading of this type of techniques.

In Its interests it includes great part of the subjects related to the experimental and applied psycholinguistic, from the computationals models of the cognitive processes to applied aspects like automatic information retrieval, the usability of the applications and the design of autotutors for academic purposes.

Our wish is to be a meeting point for people who centrally or tangentially, are themselves interested in this type of techniques and its different variants. We know through our own experience of the dificulties to carry out developments and analysis with this methodology (not only the development or use of the tools but the extraction and manipulation of corpus) but also, we think that this can be resolved with the connection and collaboration of the people interested in it.

Therefore, we expect this site to be useful for the interchange of knowledgement but in addition, a background to generate proposals of collaboration in all the fields of interest including the possible professional developments.